B.Turn, support en bois pour bières
Ready to go ?
Solution d'emballage pour bière bouteille ou cannette

B.Turn Concept

B.TURN is a strong and resistant beer holder that can carry all type of bottles : Long Necks, Steinies, 330ml/440 ml cans.

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Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

Without nail or screw, B.TURN is quickly assembled.

Ready to go

Ready to go

Your beers are firmly and securely displayed.

Optimized storage

Optimized Storage

The B.TURN 3 elements are delivered flat to allow optimization of your space.

ready to go!

As a very practical wooden carrier B.TURN will quickly become indispensable in your shops !


La gamme d'emballage pour vos bières bouteille ou canette

The product is available in 5 different models. Our beer holders can carry all types of bottles or cans.


Easy to put together !

Without nail or screw

The B.TURN design is groundbreaking and innovative.
Its 3 elements fit easily and perfectly together to create the ideal beer holder.

Your beer holders will be ready to go in a few seconds only.
B.TURN is a Bambou France Packaging exclusive product.
Sales Exclusive to Professionals

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